This special-issue plate was spotted on Tortola, BVI, on Christmas Eve 2018, by Eu871.      It commemorates the 90th  birthday of the Queen.   Plate no. 9.

Four were spotted touring the island – uncommon sightings, although some had serial numbers of up to four digits, presumably according to the preference of the user, who paid a surcharge for the variant.

It had not been recorded on RPWO as of  Feb 2019.    Must remedy that……

Thanks to member Richard Mathers, Eu871

His other shots below show  current and former series:


  1. Good catch, Richard! I wonder who made that special short run for BVI? Quite a tricky printing job, I would have thought….
    As this is current news, The Blog has passed the info straight to Editor Antonio for inclusion in the next available Europlate mag.

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