Is this a St. Lucia variant?

St. Lucia unknown series

WL construction machine

In Castries, St. Lucia, in Jan. 2010, I saw this odd construction vehicle which rejoiced in a ‘Q’ suffix to its ‘T’ (Transport/Truck) code – though their  T  issue is nowhere near reaching Q in series, having only then reached TG.

Might the ‘Q’ indicate Special Purpose Vehicles?

I often wonder if Q in plate parlance abbreviates  ‘Queer’  in its proper sense of ‘out of the ordinary/not part of the standard run’.   GB has used it for international imports and exports in unusual circumstances.    EAT used it as  a suffix for temporary imports, (eg TAQ).    Malaysia gave it to Sarawak when it struggled to split out the overlapping codes of Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsular Malaya and Singapore.      Just a thought…..

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