Sri Lanka CV code and others

Above is a web page which shows a few early Sri Lanka plates on trolleybuses.    The double-deckers use the code  ‘CV’ which RPWO lists as ‘diesel buses & lorries’ – so perhaps CV also covered electrically-driven vehicles, too…..

I had once thought that it indicated ‘Conduit Vehicle’, as trams and trolleys rely on the overhead conduit for electric power, but no.


And while we’re in Ceylon:

Mototcycles from each of the first two series in Ceylon.   A 1040 from the 1910-28 series and EL 3943 from the 1953-4 issue.   Seen in Colombo in 2009.   Brumby archive.

Austin A40 Devon in Colombo 20091940-56 series.   EY 2846 – Austin A40 Devon in Colombo 2009.   EY specifically 1951-3.          Brumby archive

In 1940, someone had he odd idea of creating a Sinhalese registration series which used the letters of the name of Ceylon as a component of the tag.   Thus CE, CY, CL, CO(not issued ) and CN were succeeded by to EY, EL, and EN.    The idea was then abandoned before YL began,  and in 1956 the first ‘sri‘ symbol plates were launched.

The 1 Sri issue ran from 1956-8.   Jaguar Mk2 exists as a collector's car in Colombo.

The 1 Sri issue ran from 1956-8.    This Jaguar Mk2, 1 Sri 2581, exists as a collector’s car in Colombo.

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