Vanuatu Fake


6778 - false Vanuatu plate, one of several seen around Europe

6778 – false Vanuatu plate, one of several seen around Europe

I photographed this Porsche GT three years ago in Vienna/Austria.    Unfortunately I wasn´t able to speak with the driver.

For sure in the red field on the left part of the plates there were the letters ´VU´ and the flag of this islands. Front and rear plates were ident and they didn´t seem to be of paper. Right beside there was a ´CD´-Oval.

All my research shows quite different colours and appearance of Vanuatu plates.

Of course I found the mass of wrong examples and the possibility of offshore-registration in Vanuatu, but they always look quite different…

Further I found that there really is existing a Vanuatu registration with this number for a Porsche GT held by the mysterious GT-Group.    This dubious firm consists of mailboxes spread around the whole world and sells all kinds of licenses.

I´m sure this car haven´t ever seen one of the islands of Vanuatu.     It´s much cheaper to use a fantasy-registration.     The riddle is why nobody else discovered such type of Vanuatu fake yet.  Others have been seen, Peter – Vic

4 Responses to Vanuatu Fake

  1. richardpd says:

    It’s interesting that the plates are Britsh style, rather then French which most Vanuatu plates tend to be.

  2. Very interesting, Peter. I think there was an article in RPW a while ago about Vanuatu issuing plates to anyone who adopted their nationality, which was organised through a quasi-legal system (scam?) set up by an ?Aussie? and I thought it had been stopped. Your sighting indicates that it is still operational.
    It’s like a flag of convenience on dodgy ships.

    Richard, it’s true that now all pressed plates are French-style maybe because they are close to New Caledonia which might make them for Vanuatu. Maybe they had British-style when it was still a condominium – up at the GB end of the High Street, anyway. I never saw one – just pressed and many (well) painted.

  3. Cossie670 says:

    Also saw it in Vienna in 2011, I have photos too, plate looks non-fake. Here is from front: and rear:

  4. platepeter says:

    Now the story came to an end:
    in fact the car has been used in Austria by an Austrian since 2006 (!) without legal registration. It was one of these suspicious offshore registrations available by numerous dubious providers in the www.

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