Whose Vietnam photo?

Who took this shot in the 1960s?   It’s a 1960s-70s white on green Viet Nam foreigner plate, exceedingly rare to sight in Europe.     No claimant as at Dec 4 2013!

The anonymous picture (with the bumper attached) came to the Blog via Jim Gordon in West Oz, but Jim says it was not he who took it…….

Taken by an anonymous cameraman, seemingly in London during the 1960s, we believe. On a Hillman Husky.

This anonymous shot shows the Hillman Husky bearing a home-made VN oval on the bumper. The bumper was missing on the later shot, by Vic Brumby in Notting Hill Gate a little later, below.


The owner told Vic Brumby, when questioned, that he was an  ‘educational missionary’  and that his next posting was to Tchad.   He gave me a picture of his car in his pre-Viet Nam posting – BK = Medan,  Sumatra.      This was a well-travelled Hillman!

A well-travelled Hillman Husky in Medan, Sumatra (BK) before re-registering NTB 3621 in Viet Nam, then Tchad.

2 Responses to Whose Vietnam photo?

  1. Chedzoy says:

    I have a copy of this picture which was sent to me by Tony Burdett in Salt Lake City. I have a note that it was taken in 1967 in London, but I’m not sure if Tony took the original picture or was just forwarding it to me.

  2. John – might you ask Tony if he could throw any light on the NTB Vietnam photo? Or ask him to join this blog?

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