More European ancients (Part 2)

Some more of John Pemberton’s photos of European plates seen in postwar Britain…..

Can anyone throw light on the Polish Diplomatic (Chrysler Airflow?)  reg. B 00069(?)  (pictures 3 & 4)

And T 38, Picture 7, which John has identified as Greek – but is it???

(TR)_H 252_JPvb

An American Nash from Adapazari, Turkey in 1950s London, snapped by J. Pemberton.


(PL)_B-C 0069_JP1940svb

(PL)_B-C 0069_cu_JP1940svb


2340 – The window displays a ‘Visitor to Britain’ flag on this Monegasque unidentified car, shot by John Pemberton c.1950.


R is the code for Reykjavik, Iceland, on a Jeep Waggoneer, early 1950s. Pemberton archive

(GR)(0tax)_T 38_jp1940vb

IF this T 38 is a Greek plate, as John believes, might it be a Thessaloniki temporary importation customs registration?       Seen Upper Regent Street, London circa 1950.

(F2b)(28-50)(exp)_373-TT 8H_JPc1940vb

373-TT 8H – An American Packard visiting France temporarily in the 1948 has been given a set of Temporary Transit plates at the port of entry – H for Cherbourg, 8 for 1948 (or 1938).       This series ran from 1933-1955.   Very possibly, the car also carried it’s original American plate at the rear, as was the habit of the time.    Pemberton archive

(F2b)(28-50)_4515 RQ 1_JPvb

4515 RQ 1. A Citroen Light 15 from Departement of Ain (1), seen in London in the early 1950s. This series started in April 1950, but using only 3 serial numbers – this has four – 4515 – why?                  Pemberton archive

(F2b)(28-50)_2028 QJ 5_JPvb

2028 QJ 5 – 5 was from Hautes-Alpes (Gap) from 1950 to August 1951, when 05 replaced the single 5. This plate has a four-serial registration 2028 , though three numerals were the norm until June 1965…… (Francoplaque?) Pemberton

(F2b)(28-50)_105 RL 8_JPvb

8 = Ardennes, from the 1950 series.

(F)_9709 YD_JPvb

9709 YD on an unidentified convertible car is thought to be French, but if so, which series??                                                            Pemberton


346148, a late example of the Belgian series which issued from 1926 to 1953.

(A)_S 5.320_JPvb

S 5.320 – Austrian Morris Minor from Music City, Salzburg.            Pemberton

That’s all of the Pemberton European pictures.      A few Africans,  Middle Easterners and South Americans to come before we close his fortunately-found album.    Thanks, John!

3 Responses to More European ancients (Part 2)

  1. richardpd says:

    The French plates might be late issues of the 1928-50 series, with the numerical suffix being “the ten thousands” digit.

    RL & RQ = Paris (75)

    QJ = Sarthe (72)

    YD = Saine et Oise (78)

    • Richard – I should know this, but I didn’t! Thank you for your edifying data. I must run this past the French team; I expect they will know already, but you never know. (It’s a very French way of adding the ten-thousands digit, and reproduced in the (French) Djibouti system and maybe Morocco, too.)

      • richardpd says:

        Thanks, it’s a bit confusing that the 1901-28, 28-50, & 1950-2010 French series all could be formatted as 1234 AB 56.

        By the looks of the code table for the 1928-50 series the 2 letter blocks were chosen to not clash with the 1901-28 series, which simply paired up the area codes when combinations were running short. I’m guessing both series were valid until 1950 when there was a general reissue.

        All of this I’ve been able to puzzle out from RPOTW, so I’m sure someone on the French team knows far more than me!

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