Cryptic plate at Gumball3000

IMG_5588IMG_5590On 23.05.2013 the Gumball 3000-Rally visited Vienna.

Of course the expected number of foreign cars with uncommon numberplates could be seen parked next to the Vienna ´Hofburg´castle.

Remarkable was, that no car wore the necessary distinguish sign (oval) and most countries could only be identified by experienced spotters.

The car showed in the attached pictures arrived together with and parked next to an arabian colleague from Qatar, so probably it´s a translated arabian plate, but nothing else supplied references to the place of origin.

As so often in Austria the executive elected the path of least resistance. The traffic police observed the race, received all cars at the parking place, perhaps also puzzling about their backgroud, and did nothing…

You only have to show yourself as VIP and all bow down!

14 Responses to Cryptic plate at Gumball3000

  1. Indrek says:

    It is Indian plate. MH denotes Mumbay.

    • platepeter says:

      wow – i really had no idea to think about India, but now when i compare some pictures – you should be right !!

    • Aniruddha.C says:

      It is definitely an Indian Plate. MH-Denotes Maharashtra, the Province in which Bombay, or rather, Mumbai is present.

      It is registered in one of the suburbs of Bombay. YES ANIRUDDHA – AS NAYEL GIVES IT – 48=BOMBAY (CENTRAL?), S=2013-REGISTERED, VEHICLE 0001. (SO THAT’S HOW YOUR IMPENETRABLE NEW SYSTEM DE-CODES, EH????)

      • Harikrishnan Nair says:

        MH 48 – Vasai (Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation) suburb of Mumbai (Capital of Maharashtra).

    • Harikrishnan Nair says:

      MH denotes Maharashtra. If it was proper Mumbai, then it would denote MH-01.

  2. Jake Brumby says:

    That’s quite some paint job.

    What is the vehicle?

  3. platepeter says:

    i´m also not really a car expert, but perhaps a lamborghini (countach).. and i think it was an adhesive printed film..

  4. Wow – it’s not long ago that, if we saw an Indian plate, it was on a 1950s Hindustan Ambassador – now they field Lambos! Maybe the driver got it cheap because of the mess the factory made of his paint job…..
    Thanks for your Posting, Peter. Vic Brumby

  5. Cedric says:

    MH 48 S 1 is a Maharshtra (India) registration. I Googled for Gumball 2013 and found it. It should of course be MH48S0001.

  6. Navneet k says:

    Its an aventador, and yea its maharastra- india license plate…probably mumbai(city). I was trying to stalk the same care when i got here

  7. nayel says:

    probably the owner is GAUTAM SINGHANIA,CEO RAYMONDS INDIA and yeah the MH For maharashta 48 For Mumbai S for 2013 and 0001 for the vehicle.

  8. platepeter says:

    thanks a lot for your answers, now i see clear…

  9. Satvik Reddy says:

    Hey! This car is from India. “MH” stands for Maharashtra which is a state in India

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