Former Spanish series re-introduced

CON. Spanish series from  "construcción" cars

CON. Spanish series from “construcción” vehicles

Carlos from Spain writes:

Sometime ago, I saw two licence plates with the E euroband on the left, which prefixed with CON, but I thought that they were from a private system.     But recently, on a public street of my city, I have seen three or four of them.    I had the good fortune to talk with one of the workers about this type of licence plate and he told me that this system consists of the three letters CON (which means “construcción“) followed by some numbers.   He told me too, that they were formerly used by public *companies on construction sites.    One of the photos, CON 1031 was seen inside one of these sites.    (*Formerly public/state companies, nowadays privatised(Ed?) companies).

CON 1031

CON 1031

This category of registration is sometimes described as ‘Plant/Machinery’ and is seen on cranes, road rollers, and other self-propelled machinery which can move between working locations using the public roads for short distances.

Interesting new find, Carlos!    And a warm welcome to the RPWO Blog!

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