Malaysia Dealer change

When Kuala Lumpur exhausted its three-letter/four number series in September 2013, with WYY 9999, a new series began with W 9999 A, in which the suffix A would alphabetically proceed to B, C etc., as far as W 9999 Y.      (Z will be excluded in case of confusion with the military, which always uses Z.)    Other suffix exclusions are I, J and O – oddly, suffix Q is used even though it is associated as an identifier for Malaysian Sarawak. By mid March 2014, the letters in suffix are almost used up!      T is the latest seen but we believe there are some U’s and V’s  out there….   (now confirmed March 30, 2014).     We know W suffix starts in May or June.    Then X and Y will complete this cycle and the next batch will be WA 1234 A-Y, then WB etc.

W 3767 T

W 3767 T is the latest seen, as at 21/3/2013.    W codes Wilaya, the title of the autonomous zone of Kuala Lumpur within Selangor state.     Brumby archive

this was the Wilaya dealer plate layout which was found to conflict with the new regular plates, so had to be redesigned.

This was the former Wilaya dealer plate layout which was found to conflict with the new regular plates, even though normals are black and the Dealer ones are dark blue,  so the Dealer layout had to be redesigned…..

and this is the replacement  Trade Plate for new issues, which will probably replace the former.

….and this is the replacement Trade/Deale pllate for new issues, which will progressively replace the former design, but for now, only in the W region of Malaysia.    Still silver on blue, and retaining the 1950s British font.     I wonder where they are made?

An  interesting sighting related to the Motor Dealer category of  the Malaysian system, has been this towing-plate, properly constructed and possibly an authorised type, though the first ever seen and photographed.

Photo missing)

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