Two mystery plates I’ve found

Perhaps someone can help to identify these plates.


The first one I’ve obtained through a friend who got it in a plate shop in Morocco. The letters are stickers and the numbers are embossed. What could it be ?


The second one was found on ebay. Unfortunately I did not win the auction. What might it be ?


5 Responses to Two mystery plates I’ve found

  1. yveslaussucq says:

    for CC 805 SW just an old italy or french registration, remade on any piece of scrap avalaible
    for UX 14 70 almost certain for a Portugal registration

  2. yveslaussucq says:

    for CC 805 SW old Italian or french registration
    for UX 14 70 portugal one

  3. LACAPE says:

    CC 805 SW seems to be a french registration, maybe italian.
    Their format are identicals. French vehicles are numerous there.
    UX 1470 could be from Luxemburg.
    Circle of stars and registration are similar.

  4. fane40 says:

    CC 805 SW seems to be a current french registration.
    Even if dashes are compulsory on french plates.
    Perhaps italian but there are many french vehicles in Morocco.
    UX 1470 could be a luxemburg plate.
    The registration corresponds to this country and this circle of stars was on former plates.

  5. These baffle me and I have sent them on for opinions! (Sorry for the late response to this. I have been occupied with a new archive obtained ex-Karel Stoel, of which I will Blog shortly. All will be revealed!)

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