Spotting with Pemberton 1938

John Pemberton has kept a record of every registration he has seen from pre-war days, in country order.     The (many) pages are now in the Club archive, as John is moving home and needs the space!      Here is the first page of his Netherlands chapter, which should keep the reader occupied for a while, in determining the registration region or status of the operator………..

More to follow.

Not many of us can claim to have seen such plates as these in our early spotting career!

Have our Dutch members any observations?

January 27, 2016


2 Responses to Spotting with Pemberton 1938

  1. Jake says:

    From 1938 – that’s 78 years ago!

    Here is a higher contrast version of the image, for easier reading:

  2. Pieter Beelen says:

    In those days, Netherlands registrations were personal. Therefore it is possible to find out who the owners were. And what a coincidence: the owner of N-212 (observation no.89) was Mr. M.M.H. Lips, who later founded the Autotron museum, where for many years a part of the Karel Stoel collection was on display.

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