unknown (perhaps diplomatic) plate or fake

I´ve got this picture from garyschmidt5@myself.com.

He saw this plate in Riga/Lithuania and wants to know what it could be.
I´m not able to identify it. (Is it possible, that Netherland´s diplos have the ´CD´ not only at the beginning ?)

licence plate

5 Responses to unknown (perhaps diplomatic) plate or fake

  1. Jacco says:

    Portugal diplomat? In Holland there are hyphens between the letters. 80-CD-67


  2. aista01 says:

    Yes, it might be an NL diplo for International Organisations, but usually they have hyphens nn-CD-nn

  3. aista01 says:

    Portugal diplomats shoul be in the format nnn CD nnn with leading zeros when required

  4. Otis says:

    Could be originating from Cyprus..

  5. 70 CD 02 Yes – the Cyprus CD series from 2004 would seem to be a possible answer – except that they don’t use lead zeroes. This car would have been 77 CD 2 in the CY CD system . And THAT is assuming they had issued up to 77 embassies/international orgs. They haven’t – they are only up to 60.
    (60 missions, to a small island! Plenty of jobs for the boys, eh?)

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