Kosovo numberplate riddle — platesite

taken April 2016 in Vienna, doesn´t look like a fake. Why the old series are 2015 still issued (I´ve already seen 2011), although there are new series since 2010 ?

via Kosovo numberplate riddle — platesite

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  1. I’ve replied to the original site, but also here for others to see…
    It is my understanding this series is still issued for vehicles travelling to countries that do not recognise Kosovo as an independent nation. I know these are accepted in Serbia (despite Serbia issuing their own plate codes for Kosovo regions), so I would suggest that is the purpose of this plate. I know some people use RKS plates in countries that do not recognise the territory, but this is the “official” method if you don’t use the Serbian code.

  2. art says:

    these are plates that can be used in countries that does not recognize Kosovo’s independence. and are also used by the Kosovo Serbs who doesn’t accept the RKS plates.

  3. cedric says:

    To quote from МИЛАН ИВИЋ of the Facebook plate collectors group: Because Serbia recognizes only these license plates for Kosovo and Metohija, RKS (Republic of Kosovo) (plates) are not recognized in Serbia.

  4. Peter Altenburger’s Kosovo plate 637 KS from the earlier series is commented on by our counterfeiting specialist Cedric Sabine, above. Cedric – does this mean that a Kosovan cannot travel in Serbia unless these earlier plates are used? If so, how might a Kosovan owner obtain a set of the older plates, I wonder? Or are they a special ‘out-of-state’ type, issued on request from the authorities?

    (What am I asking? Kosovo?? Authorities??)
    $$$$ more likely.


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