Pemberton on Libya

January 25, 2013
A Morris Minor Tourer from Benghazi circa 1951. BN 1089. (JP)

A Morris Minor Tourer from Benghazi circa 1951. BN 1089. (JP)

Neither Ivan Thornley nor I ever saw a Libyan like this, using “BN” as a code.   Furthermore all previous examples place the arabic before the western script.     Wonderful!

LIBIA T.5829 circa 1950.

LIBIA T.5829, circa 1950.

Then JP saw a Sunbeam Talbot 90 with another VERY unusual plate design – and no arabic at all…..  Such plates  had been used in the 1930s, though this Sunbean model was produced from 1948.    And it looks as if the background might have been a light shade, rather than standard black.     Probably from the 1937-50 series.

Below:    The mid-1950s to late 60s used the next style and many used to be seen near British Air Force bases in England in that period, when US and UK had very active bases in Libya.   LB-Benghazi, LT-Tripoli.   Initially made with the arabic to the left and after about 1962, the arabic to the right.


Libya-Tripoli 21331

Unofficially the international oval was LT, (Libya-Tripolitania) but I don’t think any were ever seen – unless you know otherwise?    Now it is LAR Libyan Arab Republic – and still none have ever been seen!    The way things are shaping up in post-Gadaafi Libya, it will be some time before they get round to worrying  about international ovals!(LAR2)(55-62)_LB 11673_Flickr1960s