The Portuguese overseas territories-historic

February 5, 2013

In her colonial period, Portugal had two territories using ‘M’ and two,  ‘G’.

It may be that to differentiate, one of each (Macao and Goa) used a full hyphen set of two dashes (in the style of  mainland Portugal) and the others (Madeira and Guinea), one dash only  following the code letter.   Proof needed

Every one of the single-letter Portuguese territories was – and remains – amongst the rarest of sightings and even photographs or plates are unknown.    (Unless YOU know otherwise????)


MACAO until 1960s,(then MA-nn-nn)


MADEIRA until 1962 (then MA-nn-nn)


AZORES until 1962 (then AR- or AC or HO-nn-nn)


TIMOR until late 1960s? then TP-nn-nn until 1976 Indonesian putsch)


GUINEA until 1974 (independence)


GOA 1930-57 (then IGA-nn-nn to 1961 when ceded to India)