Diplomatic fantasies

June 18, 2013

A little story from a man and his car, who obviously would like to be seen as a diplomat…..

He used this Mercedes 200 in Vienna for some weeks in December 2012.
F Diplo unklar (2) 2012-12-17
A French insurance sticker in the windshield to check the license number for verification by police brought to light a genuine current French registration, but a regular series – nothing diplomatic.

He had had his French plates re-made, in the Portuguese diplomatic style.

In 2008 the same car (look at the CD-Sticker, the screws and the small, black, square element) was seen on same place in Vienna with this strange plate:
F + P Diplo Wien 4., Dez. 2008
In 2008 it was also seen in Paris (photo by Francoplaque I think) and we had it in our newsletter.       It was then assumed to be an old Portuguese registration pimped up to resemble French-looking diplomatic plates.     And the car was originally, like the driver, from Portugal as I have found out since.

2013 – And now the current display: after new police investigations (it became a little hotter) the car once again has been sighted in Vienna in April 2013 with the original French normal plates, the owner having removed his oval CD claim to fame!
F echte Kz. 2013-05-19 (2)

It has probably now returned to Paris again.      Perhaps he plays out there his diplomatic illusions…

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