Ghana mystery SG

For the first time since I took this photo in London in the 1960s, I have checked for the Ghanaian area code SG in RPWO and found no entry!   –

Later:    1959 special issue to celebrate Self-Government.)

Anyone know what the SG code might have indicated, please?     On the big  Fiat 2100 of the period.     (Answer given below by Alex Kafka, under Comments.)

SG 1267 Ghana plate from the early 1960s.   Brumby archive

3 Responses to Ghana mystery SG

  1. Alexander Kavka says:

    In RPWO we have a photo of SG 9836, and it says “the prefix SG is known which was believed to be for Self Government”.
    Apparently a series used shortly after independence.

  2. chedzoy says:

    A lot of these must have been issued. Les Newall’s photo. archive includes SG 2188, on a Volkswagen beetle, and the ALPCA archive shows SG 9836 (as above) which is/was in Jim Fox’s collection.

  3. Thanks, Alex and John. I’m glad I collared a pic of that passing issue. – Viv

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