Saudi Special in London Sept.2011

(KSA7)(rh)_TTT94_VBSophia2011 (2)_resize

Daughter-in-law Sophia captured this new Rolls in London’s Hyde Park Mews

on Sept. 24, 2011,  attracted by the opalescent pink coachwork.      But the plate is even more ‘tailor-made’ –  in pink on brown, TTT 94!     Can we take it to be KSA royal household plate?  (see Comment from Cedric, below)

There are quite a few good arabic plates in central London at the moment (2011), mostly Qatari.

2 Responses to Saudi Special in London Sept.2011

  1. This plate has been around for a number of years on different Rollers in London. It will be a 1996 series registration but without the lead zero. Other TTT plates have also been seen in London so it is fair to guess it is a royal car kept in London.

  2. Thanks, Cedric. Are there previous pictures of TTT plates in London – or anywhere? – Vic

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