Which Argentine series is it?

Seen in Buenos Aires in 1989, I never did find out what category of plate this was.     Any ideas?

Thanks to Bernt – see Comment below.

Unknown RA m/c

This Argentine Dealer plate was an oddity – and what a great thing to see!   (see Comment)

Argentine Dealer plate on locally-built Fiat

Because Argentina made its plates so well in years gone by, many survive in excellent condition, as has this San Vicente enamel example from 1929.   I found it  in a massive old milk factory in which a man named Nestor Corsi made new Ford Model T’s out of original parts which he gathered in from farms all round Uruguay and Argentina.    He manufactured anything he couldn’t find, including any style and colour of body, and sold them all to collectors abroad, mostly in USA and Switzerland, he told me.

1929 enamel plate from Argentina (VB collection)

It used to be at least twice a year we would see Argentine cars in London, during the 1960s.    Here is a Beetle near Putney, as always in  those times, carrying an international oval!

Cordoba-registered VW in London in 1968.

And a big American car of the period, from province of Buenos Aires, rather than from the city area.   It displays the usual very large RA oval which owners obtained from the Automobile Club of Argentina, as witness their shield.  Seen in Kensington, 1960s.

The oddest Argentine sighting for me was a 1920’s car bumbling along the road from Kuching to Lundu in Sarawak, in January 2011!     It belongs to a family which is circumnavigating the world.    Their movements are documented in several sites, one of which is:


4 Responses to Which Argentine series is it?

  1. europlate871 says:

    Loving the vintage Argentinian pictures,i hava a soft spot for this country due to the large variety of plates to collect.I have one of those red dealer plates in my collection,with a Beunos aires tab affixed,i’d post a picture here,if i could only work out how.

    • Would love to see your RA Trade Plate, Richard.
      If you press ‘Posts’ then ‘New’ and then the symbol atop by ‘Insert’, it asks you to Add Media (your pic) from it’s home file, and Bob’s your uncle, as they say. At least that’s what it says on the box……

      A week later….
      My son Jake has enhanced the structure of the Blog page, to make it more understandable, as I too, can see that it was not clear enough for visitors to make their comments and add articles.
      May I suggest you revisit the site, Richard (and others) and using the new buttons, enter any new material you may have? VB EU38

  2. Hello Vic,

    Very interesting pictures – many provinces in Argentina did not issue any official motor cycle plates – they were just handpainted or made according to the wishes of the owner.

    The photo of the dealer plate is extraordinary – it is an excellent contribution to the study on Argentine plates, which I am preparing together with Tomas Rezelj (Bariloche), whose collection of Argentine plates is incredible – any contribution of pictures of plates or car with plates is most welcome.

    Best regards

    Bernt (Eu 28)

  3. Thanks for the link about the Zapp family. I look forward to those Argentinians with their vintage car coming to Europe (and hopefully Norway) in a few years time. They are now in South Africa, apparently.

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