Fancy a Chinese?

One of EU38 Pemberton’s rarest sightings is shown below – a  US Dodge from Chinese region 03 (or perhaps embassy 03?) with only four numbers, not five as expected via the para. x) in RPWO.       Thought  to have been taken 1947-1952, certainly in London.     The characters on the shield have been sent off for identification*.     Any thoughts, members?

The photographer, John Pemberton, notes that he believes the plate to be from Inner Mongolia…    RPWO gives 03 to have been for Nei Mongol (I.M.) from circa 1949-86.      We suspect that this photo is from about 1946, but it could actually be pre-war………

American Dodge sedan from postwar China.

American Dodge sedan from postwar China.

* A quick answer from  Yun Li in Hong  Kong today reads:

It depends on the context, the most common meaning can be
-a certain title for soldiers / officer, used only in the past
The numbers below the character may be related to the context too. It reminds of something like a signpost in the old china, 1850-1900, or even older
So perhaps it IS a diplomatic series yet undiscovered?
(PRC2)_03-0524 cu_JPvb

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