QUIZ:      What kind of plate did Brazil issue before WW2, which used no legends, above or below??

An odd Brazilian, 1938, Oxford..

P 17.36      An odd Brazilian, 1938, Oxford..

3 Responses to QUIZ – BR

  1. eu575 says:

    Looks like the P.8-30-56 that’s shown in RPWO. There it’s described as one of many types issued locally prior to 1941. Notice the dot after the P, the hyphens, and the style of the “3”.
    Could P have meant “private”??

    Alexander Kavka

    • Well well well – as ever, you are spot-on, AK! A pre-war local-issue registration, prior to the later, national series.

      And yes – Privado could well be Privading the ‘P’…

  2. Jim Fox adds that the ‘P’ plates were issued on the front only in Rio de Janeiro, the capital, with no legends or dates etc. However, the rear plates were prefixed with D.F. – Federal District of RdJ – over a renewable date tab. They were often cast-alloy and pictures and plates in collections seems all to have black backgrounds. More information is coming forward and will be posted…………

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