More plates to identify

No Hints given at this stage!

Identify the vehicles, too, if you can, and date the set of pictures…..

(TG 56-75)(A62-4)_RT-6952-A_VBmb1970s

Two countries shown here. And evidence of a damaged negative.

(TG 56-75)(A62-4)_RT 7006-A_VBmb

Togo-registered Datsun Bluebird, 410 Series, made from 64 to 67, between two new Peugeot 404 estates awaiting permanent registration, but bearing identical temporary International Aid plates at time of picture.

(TG 56-75)(transit)_RT WJ_slide1_VB

Togo temporary transit RT WJ, seen near Mopti, Mali in 1973. in a desert airfield stop between Bamako and Timbuktu.

9 Responses to More plates to identify

  1. europlate871 says:

    I think the first photo depicts a 1963 Togo registration mark,the Morris minor parked alongside could be from a neighbouring country,my guess is Nigeria,WU for Uromi?.
    The second photo shows another 1963 Togo,no idea of either type of vehicle.I think the RT-WE is probably some kind of temporary mark,the same goes for the Land rover?on the last picture RT-WJ.
    Richard M.

  2. richardpd says:

    The two estate cars in the second photo are Peugeot 404s.

    Not sure of the car in the middle looks Italian by the style.

  3. aista01 says:

    What about Sierra Leone for the WU plate? Too far away from Togo?

    • europlate871 says:

      That’s certainly possible,although the archives state Sierra leone two letter codes started in the 1970’s,so I depends when the photo was taken.

  4. The car between the two identically-registered Peugeot 404s (WE – a Togo transit/delivery format) is an early Mazda. The shot was taken by Murray Bailey for EU38 – but he cannot remember where! WU on the Morris Minor could indeed be from Sierra Leone (Western-Urban) or Nigeria (Uromi). Both those countries are some significant distance from Togo, so it’s difficult to choose. However, other pics on the film negative group show Nigerian plates, so I incline to moot that the shot is at a Nigerian road-frontier compound, where foreign vehicles are stored while lost paperwork is argued about, before they can drive in to that fine land. In these cases, dollar bills can be as effective as log-books, certificates of ownership, carnets etc. – it’s all just paper to the noble functionaries of the West African administrations’ officials!
    In the old days, of course, mirrors and beads opened many doors……

  5. I neglected to mention that the photos would have been circa 1970. And though RPWO gives 1972 as the date of intro of two- letter codes in WAL, member Pemberton has two (Sierra Leone) WU s sighted in 1969 in Britain, though not photographed. I have a WU photographed in London in 1970 and will add the photo soon.

  6. dmrushton says:

    I the car between the two Pugs, reg RT 7006A, is a Datsun Bluebird, 410 Series, made from 64 to 67.

  7. dmrushton says:

    As is the one next to the Moggy, RT6952A.

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