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  1. richardpd says:

    Nice to see a plate from the French administration, RPOTW 2994 drew a blank on this period.

    • Richard – unsure which item you refer to re. The French admin.
      Was is the Saar? Have I put up some Saar pics, if so???
      Ps where do you live?

      • richardpd says:

        I was referring to the French mandate in Togo, which is post seems to be for comments as they have been closed on the original Togo post.

        I live in Stockport, & the most unusual plate I’ve seen there is a Kuwaiti one, which I managed to photograph.

    • Richard, we have recently found some historic data on Togoland, with photos, and it should appear in RPWOnline soon. Members of Europlate will also soon be invited to access an archive of pics (worldwide, and including Togo) which have been disinterred in a 40-year-hidden album set!

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