..just another fake plate ?

noch unbek. Wien 2., 09.12.15

..fixed on a Renault Megane it has been in use in Vienna two weeks ago.

A man from Romania claimed it as a car from Romania, but of course this can´t be correct.


5 Responses to ..just another fake plate ?

  1. Rob Shepter says:

    I have seen this plate type before and think I have one similar in my collection. Let me take a look and I will repost.

  2. hegisde says:

    That could be a temporary plate from the Netherlands. Only the font seems to be different.

  3. yo says:

    Bosnia 😉
    This one-word reply ‘Bosnia’ has come in from ‘yo’ (unknown contributor), so we add it as another possible identification for P-38-31 sent by ‘platepeter’ Sorry for delay – I wasn’t sure it it was not spam… Ed.

  4. yo says:

    Hi, me again. Yes, the car is 100% from BIH. If you compare the FE-font it is identic like these from Germany or Bosnia.
    The car was sold probably from the german city Steimbke, but the licence plate is an old one from Bosnia. (before 2009)
    I am about Bosnia 100% sure. For questions feel free to ask. This time my Email is correct.

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