RPWO is back On-Line!

Good news – the Registration Plates of the World Online is back, after a hiatus of some weeks.  The U.S. hosting Company, GoDaddy, ran in to snags, but our webmaster, John Northup, has bent them to his will, and somehow re-opened the door.

Members will be pleased to Resume Normal Inspection.     One or two pages remain to be connected, but its only a matter of hours, we believe.

TEHA website

It was not the Russian navy ploughing the seabed and disturbing the Europlate cable, as we had wondered.

While you’re here –  an unidentified old Russian

Member Rein Veldi comes to the rescue..   

Its a 1928 AVTODOR Nami prototype Russian car of a type which did not go in to production.    The plate is a 1928-30 manufacturer’s tag reading 19/ISPYTANIE, probably black on white.


Study the Historic shots from a few of our members’ photo collections, at:

TEHA website

5 Responses to RPWO is back On-Line!

  1. valkplaat says:

    Hello dear Mr. Brumby and Mr. Northurp,

    Many thanks for your efforts to bring back the Europlate RPWO site on line.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Best regards, Martin

  2. Rein Veldi says:

    The plate of pre-national era attached to NAMI-1, the first attempt to build a Soviet passanger car, copy of Tatra-11. The project failed, some 370 were built from 1928 to 1930. All of them were purchased by Dortrans (Road Inspectorate), which was the supervisor of a “voluntary” state organization AvtoDor, thousands of members of which were the spiritual supporters of development of road traffic. The text on the plate is AVTO 19 DOR, underneath ISPYTANIE (test drive). As an important state authority, AvtoDor had probably the right to issue its own plates.

    • Well – what an interesting identification from Rein Veldi – who ever would have known of the 370 AvtoDor Namis, and their link with the Czech Tatra design. And that a photo should have survived – wow!

      • Rein Veldi says:

        Just one more detail – the crank refers to the version before 1929, when electric starter was added. In the reference book in Russian, they use expression “conceptually very close to Tatra-11”, which in other words means full copy technically, but with slightly different measures and design.

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