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One Response to (Rus-SU 25-25).q_test_19_(b.w)_Nami1 prototype.vbAK

  1. Rein Veldi says:

    This apparatus NAMI-1 is the 1st attempt to produce a Soviet passanger car (copy of Fiat), it failed. NAMI stands for Nauchny AvtoMobilny Institut (Scientific Automobile Institute). About some 300 were produced in 1928-31 and AvtoDor (Road Inspectorate) purchased all of them. The cars got never rid of the status of test drive. Enlarging the photo, I suggest it is the test plate of AvtoDor. The text in the bottom looks like ISPYTANIE (test drive), letters on the right side look like DOR. It is the pre-national-plates era and probably this important authority could issue its own plates. AvtoDor was also exclusively responsible for all purchases of imported cars and trucks from Western manufacturers in the 1920s and early 1930s.

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