Chinese car spotted on fjord ferry in Norway

OLAV writes

July 2012

China is not the most likely country to be spotted in Europe. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across this Beijing registered vehicle on a local ferry in Norway this Sunday. The solo driver said he had left Beijing at the end of May. They were a group of 8 (vehicles or people I don’t know) that separated in Moscow because he wanted to go to the North Cape. The good news for British spotters is that they are all going to London for the Olympics. So keep your eyes open!

4 Responses to Chinese car spotted on fjord ferry in Norway

  1. Thanks Olav – I will tell Ivan Thornley (Nip) your news about PRC in London before long. He has an unerring ability to discover most oddities which land in England! This will be his challenge. (He refuses point-blank to get a computer so is only contactable by snailmail and landline phone (01536 358345). He’s even thrown out his old mobile phone. Worse than Greta Garbo!

  2. Indrek says:

    Hi Olav, i think i spotted one Chinese plate from same group in Tallinn on 1st of July this year. Regards. Indrek

  3. Tom Redington says:

    Although i’m trying to avoid London like the plague while the Olympics are on, I am definitely considering jumping on the train (it’s only 35 mins to London from here) and seeing what cars and plates will be around during the events… Will keep my eyes open for this one!

  4. Stephan Feuk / EU-8 says:

    Hi Olav, I saw six Chinese (Beijing) cars in Copenhagen this week. I’ve written an article about this summer’s trips, and the info on the Chinese cars (and a photo) is included there (if it will be published later on).
    Cheers, Stephan

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