Mystery motorcycle plate

201203687DW.unknown pe

Does anyone know what this is? I shot it on the front fender/mudguard of a (fairly modern, if I remember correctly, but I’m no bike expert) motorcycle in Bangkok at the end of April 2012. It was stuffed into a market stall, whether parked there for the day or permanently enconced, I had no idea. The stall-man and I traded smiles as he seemed to enjoy my interest in the machine, but the language barrier permitted little else. The rear was totally inaccessible so I never saw the rear plate; it was one of those hit-and-run moments, and this picture is all I was left with.    from David Wilson


Roger, Bernt & Alex quickly ran this display plate to earth!    See comments below:

5 Responses to Mystery motorcycle plate

  1. Hello David,

    This looks like a late 1940 / early 1950 German plates, but it is NOT of course, as the letters do not coincide. It could also be an Indian plate, but the letters do not coincide in this case either . Could it be just a fantasy plate on a motor cycle from 1964 (make CS / model 90) ?
    A mystery !


  2. Interesting. Although the plate would appear to have come form a pre 70s bike it is unlikely that it would have a carbon fibre mudguard, so I am inclined to agree with Brent in that it describes a model. Perhaps a “special”.

  3. eu575 says:

    Bernt is right. Googling reveals that Honda had a CS90 line of motorcycles in the 1960s. See for example:

    A 1964 Honda CS60 was in the movie “The Harder They Come”:


  4. I think the motorcycle is from 1964 and CS 90 is the make of this motorcyle.

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