French possessions in the 1940s

To see a car from Senegal, in Britain, in about 1950, would have been a big slice of luck.   Here is John Pemberton’s sighting, on an Austin A40 Devon car – unusual to find in a French territory.

Can Francoplaque help to explain why the plate is ‘dark on light’, perhaps, as we think all were white on black then?

Note that it carries the light-alloy ‘F’ ‘oval’ which was so common in early times.   As Senegal was not independent until 1960, this car could have carried an ‘AOF’ oval, is it was part of Afrique Occidentale Francai

a 1949 Austin Devon from Senegal, 7081 1.A
A 1949 Austin Devon from Senegal, French West Africa.  
7081 1.A   (1=Dakar)

1356 MA 15 in Oxford, 1940s/50s

Odd French diplomatic, 1940s-50s.

Odd French diplomatic, 1940s-50s.

This early VW also carries the alloy ‘F’ sign, because its plate is from the pre-1956 independence, French Moroccan series – 1356 MA  15.


And concluding this foray into interesting French series, John captured a CD of an unknown type to me, carried on a rare Austin A40 Sports, made predominantly for the USA.

(Or is the car carrying the wrong international oval??)

Francoplaque! M’aider, m’aider!

4 Responses to French possessions in the 1940s

  1. richardpd says:

    The Austin A40 Sports seemed to be right hand drive, so possibly owned by a diplomat from a commonwealth country?

  2. Quite possible – but remember than the dips. moved from appointment to appointment in those days, and took their cars with them (by ship). Thus the Pom dips,, possibly planning to use the car in UK when they retired or took a desk job in the F.O., would buy a new British car on the bargainaceous Home-Delivery Export scheme, before shipping it out to their next posting. Oddly, they never seemed to sell them in the places they took them, which I would have thought would be a profitable enterprise….. Probably the Unwritten Law of Pythonesque recall……..
    The bodies on those A40 Sports were made for Austin by Jensen and it was intended to be an export-only product, rather as was the Nash Metropolitan in later times. It was on the A40 Somerset deck.

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