Spotting notes from 1955

As avid Blog-watchers will know, member John Pemberton handed the Club his photo album from times gone by, and we have been able to share his rare old pictures by scanning them in to the Blog.    (All still listed, if you have missed them – just open the previous Posts.)

From 1936, John kept an account of every foreign plate he saw – unless he was travelling abroad, when he would not record everything he saw – just foreigners.    Though the early years records are lost, John’s spotting-books from 1954 have also been passed to Europlate and   EU 38 Brumby has recently spent many happy hours selecting his most interesting sightings from 1955 to 1970, which is as far as I have got so far.  (It takes quite a time to decipher his hurried writing and to transfer to p.c.!)

Keen to set a few before you, for your delectation, I refer you to the first, 1955-56 (Aug), spreadsheet

(copy and paste into your browser):


You will note that more cars, from more places, used to be seen in Britain and some parts of Europe, than we are used to today.    I recall Paris always being a fruitful visit in those days, with a fair chance of seeing something from the little-known French empire territories.     Here we see a predominance of British Empire sightings and plates we could never hope to see today.

Let me know if you like it, and would like to see John’s following years’ spottings, as they become available.


In passing, can anyone prove or disprove  that this MGA is carrying  a Yugoslavian CD?      It was taken in about 1962 in London, and is believed to have been either black or red on yellow.    If not, where IS it from?

Quiz plate - DID YU have a CD system like this??? Brumby archive

Quiz plate – DID (YU) have a CD series like this???
Brumby archive

And still we have no identification by members of the diplomatic plate on this 1950s Austin A40 Sports.    The ‘F’ oval cannot be correct…….

Odd French diplomatic, 1940s-50s.

Odd French diplomatic, 1940s-50s.

2 Responses to Spotting notes from 1955

  1. aista01 says:

    Very interesting, Vic. I will be glad if you also publish the following years. I always follow your blog, but for some reason I am not able to post comments, maybe I didn’t register correctly.

    cheers Marcello Taverna Europlate #237

  2. Well – Marcello – you seem to have been successful this time!

    And – I have your marvellous Vatican plate book which I recommend wholly to the members – Terrific!

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