Fake Pope plate ?

This plate is just offered on ebay. In my eyes it is a fake. Be careful.


I enclose a photo of the ebay plate and a photo from his visit from a newspaper. Compare yourself.scv1 - fake Benedikt_XIV

2 Responses to Fake Pope plate ?

  1. Rob Shepter says:

    It certainly is a fake. It has no fixing holes, differs from the plate format used by the Vatican State on the Mercedes popemobile and, if they had a back up vehicle and spare plates, would have been taken back to Rome at the end of the visit.

  2. Quite so, Rob. German dies, ex Utsch, I’d suggest. A complete fabrication. Why DO people go to this trouble to falsify a plate? They would get so little for it, it cannot be worth the effort……
    Victor Brumby

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