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August 10, 2010

The Belgian Congo/DRC has one of the longest lists of different international ovals, starting with no ovals (no cars?) during the Leopold private ownership period (King Leopold’s Congo Free State 1855-1908) then Belgium state-owned Congo Belgique until 1960.     There followed RCL, CGO, ZR and ZRE, to DRC today (in which the ‘D‘ amusingly abbreviates the concept ‘Democratic!).   Some of the codes overlapped.    This RCL was photographed in Cannes during the early 1970s by VB on that great African car, the Peugeot 404.      The front plate was a normal, yellow on blue, pressed  ?Howoco? plate, but the rear plate had been lost and replaced by this well-painted version.

Does the Consular Corps oval suggest that Congo had not established a special plate series for Consular in those years?

One of many Congo ovals-RCL – Republic of Congo – Leopoldville (later Kinshasa)            Brumby archive


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