Caribbean Offers

The Masterpieces Sotheby’s couldn’t handle!

Quentin Henderson, long-term member, apiarist, plateman and oddfellow, cannot join us at Thierhaupten at Easter, because, naturally, he is walking across America.

But to ameliorate our dolour at his absence, he has very sportingly sent some rare plates for the auction, which we hold to swell Club funds and ensure a luxury retirement for those who have held the Europlate Presidential chain of office.

Here they are, as they have arrived by post; I have not cleaned them, but they are in good order, with just a whiff of rum detected when one holds them directly to the nose.

(K&N)_P 5924_c_QH2014

P 5924  —  1969-99 were the years of issue of the plain ‘P’ plates for Private vehicles on Kitts & Nevis.     Prior, the Islands used ‘CN’ (Christopher and Nevis).

(K&N)_P 4829_c_QH2014

P 4829 — Private vehicle, Kitts & Nevis, plate via Quentin Henderson.

PA was first issued in 1997

P 9999 was issued and PA was first issued in 1997

(NA-Eu 99)_E-487_cu_QH2014

E – 487  —  Of the Dutch Antilles, the most unusual are Saba and ‘Statia’.     Quentin’s haul from Sint Eustatius was was taken on a day trip he took there some years ago. (He may have swum over to it from Nevis – the history of his acquisitions is given at the obverse of all his auction plates.)         Formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, Sint Eustatius became a special municipality within  the Netherlands on 10 October 2010.    The name means ‘a good place to settle’.     And a good place to have a plate from!

(K&N)_CD 07_cu_QH2014

CD 07  —  Here is a true oddity.   Saint Christopher and Nevis is a Commonwealth Realm, whose sovereign is that of the United KIngdom.    I had not thought that such a status warranted diplomatic representation by foreign embassies and that The Federation of   ‘Kitts & Nevis’ might not even need embassies in such a tiny place.           However, Quentin produces this remarkable CD plate, showing salt-erosion evidence that it has been out and about there for quite a time.    Yellow on blue is the idiosyncratic colour-set for the West Indies CDs (though nowhere else) -= so that’s OK, – but why a leading zero, for goodness’ sake????     Only St. Kitts applies leading zeroes……    There could be some hot bidding for this Extremely Rare Plate…..     Thank you Quentin!       JULY 2015 – The plate never made it to Thierhaupten as planned, and was therefore not auctioned.    Held over until 2016……..

(Mon)_M 551_c_QH2014

M 551  —  A delight to see this characteristic font, which applies only to Montserrat, where still, many/most plates are painted on any old piece of steel/alloy sheet. This was captured on Nevis, from a car which changed islands.

(Mon)_M 1494_c_QH2014

…. as was this……

See some of you at Thierhaupten at Easter!

4 Responses to Caribbean Offers

  1. Doug Rushton (Europlate member 866) says:

    Regarding the St Kitts & Nevis CD plate, St Kitts & Nevis is indeed a Commonwealth Realm, as are Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica and about eleven others. Commonwealth Realms are independent countries that choose to have as their head of state the head of state of the United Kingdom. Therefore as independent countries they will have diplomatic relations with other states. They are not to be confused with British Overseas Territories such as Bermuda, Gibraltar or the Falkland Islands where the UK is responsible for their foreign relations and therefore diplomatic representation. Never the less, some BOTs do host Consular offices.

  2. Quentin Henderson Eu 29. says:

    Readers may care to note I found the St Christopher~Nevis diplo abandoned (vehicle-less) in an old building full of bees (apis mellifera) ….actually ON Nevis….remarkable in that our diplomatic plated vehicles seldom ( if ever pre car ferry days) made it over to Nevis ! I only agreed to remove the bees on condition I could have this diplomatic plate… the honey of course ! “No problem man” was the immediate reply ……Quentin Eu29.

  3. Really – the things you collectors will do for an unusual plate!

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