Feb-2018 Stoel albums progress – Wolseley Worldwide

February 15, 2018

(GB-NI.Belfast 47-50,47)_MZ 1_Belfast Mayor_Wolseley 25.vbGB180KS

TEHA, the Europlate photo archive* comprises the photo collections of Members who have kindly offered their  now-historic (pre-1975-ish) pictures for the others to enjoy.    Press cuttings, b/w and colour photos and transparencies (slides) are all included in the sources.   The amalgamation of several collections has helped to identify plates previously uncatalogued, and even to discover new series.   A handful of countries remains to be completed, as time permits.

All Europlate members can find the entire Archive to date, which is supplemented every day by extra pictures and by added or corrected details, at thisaddress, current 25/11/2019:


TEHA website

Many of the photos in Members’ albums were principally taken to record  number-plates, but they also include background items of interest to other collectors, travellers and to old vehicle buffs, and a few such images follow in this chapter, which shows Wolseley cars around the world..

In a world now dominated by Japanese brands, it is interesting to look back on the earlier days of motoring, when British, American and European makers fulfilled the global demand for transport.    Then, in later post-WW2 years, dozens of once-famous marques ceased production and the New Asia became the bulk motor-builders, leaving only a handful of famous makes in the fields of specialist and luxury vehicles manufacture  to the ‘Old World’.

WOLSELEY was a high-quality British maker from the turn of the 20th century.   The marque was used by senior administrators of Empire, as witness this picture below of a gold Wolseley 25hp Mk.3 ‘Silent Six’ convertible carrying Governor Lt.-Grn. Northcott on a tour of Sydney circa 1938.

(AUS)(NSW gv 40s)_CROWN_(gvnr.Northcott 46-67).Wolseley S3 Super6-25hp dhc.vbAus042534KS

(AUS)(NSW gv 40s)_CROWN_Wolseley S3 Super6-25hp dhc.vbAUS042534KS

and, above, on another occasion, showing the massive Lucas P100 headlights as fitted to many grand cars of the period.                (Europlate archive)

Below, a saloon model of the 14/56 owned by 1935-41 C-in-C New Delhi, circa 1937, sporting a privileged number  D 9.                          (Europlate archive)

(IND-BI 02-39c).Delhi_D 9_(C-in-C)_Wolseley1456.1935csKS

(BI – 1900-1947)
   A 25hp Wolseley on Dealer* number-plates 131 Z in late 1930s British India.   *Trade plates are thought to have been red on white.                           (Europlate archive)

(IND-BI 02-39c).Bombay(temp)_131 Z_Wolseley.csKS

(IND 47-68).Madras dist._MDN 66_Morris25-5.Ooty1968VB

(IND – 1947-68)

Above – Morris Motors amalgamated with Wolseley in the 1930s and that union spawned the mighty Morris 25-6, or Big Six, which a casual observer would surely take for a Wolseley 25.     This 1930s chauffeur-driven Morris example MDN 66 was photographed in the Nilgiris tea-country at Ootacamund, Madras State, in 1968, as the mem-sahib went about her shopping.   The c.1936-ish car has been re-registered in to the c.1947-68 series.         (MDN = Madras State, Nilgiris region.)                                   (Brumby archive)

(NZ 56-61)(lgv)_Morris_van L 10459_hmVB

(NZ)  L 10459  —  Unusually, this Morris 25 above, in New Zealand, was bodied as a van.   Registered (L) as a Light commercial, the 1956-61 plate series was white on mid-brown, L 10459.                           (Courtesy Helen MacFarlane)

(ROU 49c).Montevideo_52-76+48-701_(w.b)_Riley RMA+Wolseley1885.vbU166KS

Above:    The 1938-41 and 1945-48 Wolseley 18/85 model found an export market in Uruguay, where Montevideo-registered 48-701 in white-on-black was seen alongside a Riley RMA 1.5 litre saloon 54-886.        (Photo c.1949, via Karel Stoel-Europlate archive)

(RA 40-70,51).Neuquén,Lajas-city_14 51 750_Wolseley.vb1950cJP

Above – Another Wolseley 18/85 in South America is this Argentine example, registered in 1951 Neuquen state, Lajas City.    The car would have probably have been from the 1945-48 post-war batch.   Plate 14 51 750.      (Europlate archive)

(AUS)(NSW gv 57c)_CROWN_(gvnr.Northcott)_Wolseley690.vbAus042504KS

Above  —  Carrying no plates, but the British Crown, this 1957 shot depicts the Wolseley 6/90 of the long-serving Governor of New South Wales.    Northcott served in that capacity from 1946 to 1957, being the first Australian to hold the post. (Europlate archive)

(AUS)(SA 30-66,57c)_sa 357_(VIP)_Wolseley690.vbAusB002bKS

(AUS SA 1930-66)  —  Another Aussie plate above, and with a privileged, low number SA 357, given to the Governor of South Australia, Sir Willoughby Norrie, for his Wolseley Six-Ninety.     This S/A series duration was 1930-66, this photo being circa 1957.    (Europlate archive)

(GB.Herts. 58-58)_4 CAR_Wolseley 690.vbGB022KS

Above – Back in Britain, a new 6/90 Wolseley model meets its new owners, and is handed over by William Morris himself, by now a peer of the realm.   Jan 1958 Hertfordshire (county-registered   4 CAR.    (Europlate archive)

q(AUS)(NT 53-56)(q cgo)_L 3531_comp_Wolseley444_(s.b)_Bachelor1966VB

This Wolseley 4/44 captured in a shed in the Northern Territory of Australia in early 1966, has always been a poser, because the L-prefix was for Lorries, not cars!               Any ideas?     White on black L 3531.                       (Brumby archive)

(ZA-KZN 14-71,50s).Port Shepstone_NPS 4422_comp_2005VB

AboveThe James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg Motor  Museum http://www.jhmt.org.za/   is an unmissable visit when in that city.

One exhibit is a rather jaded Wolseley 4/44, NPS 4422, from (former) Natal-Port Shepstone,  which keeps company with a Phase 2 Standard Vanguard, TJ 4390, from Transvaal-Johannesburg.   The white on black plates are from the 1914-71 series, both issued in the early 1950s.               (Brumby archive)

(NZ 63-86)_DV 5573_Wolseley 6-110.VB

(NZ – 1963-86)   DV 5573 is a Wolseley 6/99 in New Zealand c.2000.     (Brumby archive)

16-2-2018  POST SCRIPT – New Finds.     Can you identify them all?

Details now entered – 27/4/2018

Wolseley Aus Gen. D.McArthur - 4 StarsWolseley Aus Gen. D.McArthur - USA 1

General MacArthur car  Sydney 1940s

Wolseley 699-r_NZ VB2003

(NZ – 1963-86)   BS 6496 – Wolseley 6/99

Wolseley 1560, NZ VB2003

(NZ – 1963-86)  AL 276  —  A Wolseley 15/68 serves in New Zealand    (Brumby archive)

Wolseley Hornet_C940_Cairo1934_VB

(ET  – 1913 – c.1956)    C 940  —  Cairo-registered Wolseley Hornet uses a cast-alloy plate, with the registration centre code C in red.  Taken in the mid-1930s.       (Brumby archive)

Wolseley Ceylon_Z84_f_VB1935

(CL – 1928-40)  Z 84  —  Another Wolseley-derived Morris 25?    Note the Ceylon AA badge, now a rarity.    Z 84 is thought to be preserved in Sri Lanka by an active motor club.

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African Oddities

November 22, 2013

African checkout

A recent run round southern, central and northern Africa unearthed a few unexpected plate sightings, which Bloggers may like to share.     A car-park in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga (formerly Northern Transvaal) presented the remarkable photo opportunity to compare the latest Mozambique plate with the current MP local plate.     The background colours of the MOC Maputo Province help to identify them from the mainly black on white South African MP series – but remembering that the two places share a national border, it does seem odd that such similar formats were adopted.

Mpumulanga at left and Mozambique (Maputo Province to the right.

MP and MP  –  Mpumulanga at left and Mozambique (Maputo Province) to the right.


The ZANZIBAR Post from this trip  is already up on the Blog and the ETHIOPIAN page will come shortly.


BELOW:  Non. 2013.    Just leaving Zanzibar for Ethiopia, I glimpsed a new Range Rover parked off-road  in a secure compound, carrying a quite new plate type,     T 312 CCI  .    Unusually, the guards on the gate  didn’t display the usual paranoia and let me slip in to get a shot.    Later, The Venerable Neil found a Google reference to CCI  under  http://www.homeless-international.org, which seems to pin this hundred-thousand-dollar car to a homeless persons’ charity in Tanzania.     Nice design, anyway.

T 312 CCI  -  Identified by Neil Parker and Google, as an NGO in Tanganyika.

T 312 CCI – Identified by Neil Parker and Google, as an NGO in Tanganyika.


One of the first oddities seen in Addis Ababa – and not surrounded by spooks – was this military vehicle with a good condition plate.

Ethiopian Defence Force 2013

Ethiopian Defence Force 2013

At the former palace of Emperor Haile Selassie, now the University Ethnological museum in Addis, was a photo of his 1940s Ford V-8 convertible, on Harar plates.    A rotten shot of an old photo, but a rare image of an Abyssinian plate of the period – and from a jurisdiction other than  the capital.

HA 14ll - The characteristic font of early Ethiopian plates.....

HA 1411 – The characteristic font of early Ethiopian plates…..

(ETH 36-41)_HA 1411_cu_VBmuseum2013

BELOW:    This was a costly shot.     A plate seen up a side-street,  from the corner of my eye, through the vibrating window of my 17th.-century LADA taxi,  I commanded my driver to stop for a photo-opportunity, believing it to be a Saudi plate in Addis Ababa.    Up-close, the delight at identifying my first current-system Sudani was unbounded!

However, a bod in a dish-dash thought there might be a security issue with a western pensioner flashing his camera at a parked car, and with many a warning in Amharic (which is not a strong card in my pack of languages) and much waving of his night-stick, he did all he could to obstruct my photo-capture.       Within a few minutes, the local police force was upon me, sporting their side arms and arresting both myself and my poor cab-driver, who had come over to try to spring me.

Frog-marched a kilometre or so across some open waste ground  we reached the police station, a few ramshackle tents with an open fire for the ubiquitous Ethiopian coffee pot.   Officers of ever-increasing rank were brought to judge me and my ridiculous story and none were convinced of the innocence of our noble pursuit, although they couldn’t quite see what we might be up to.   Eventually, in a fit of diplomatic legerdemain, I presented them with an opportunity to release us without loss of face – or  paying the usual dash which overcomes all in most places.    I can’t remember how.

Here, then, for your amusement, is the result of that hour’s investment in time and fear.    (Noting that the ‘4’ is the 100,000’s prefix to the serial no. 22477, making this Khartoum car 422477, isn’t it unbelievable that this poorest of all countries should have registered so many cars in the four years this series has been extant?  Over a hundred-thousand a year!!!!)

(SUD 2009~)_4 KH 22477_cu_VB2013


Meanwhile, other snippets from recent times and varied sources:

(AFG 74-04)(ndes)_M 673_f_weeTG

Mowqati’ 673KBL  –  (temporary/foreigner) in Afghanistan between 1974 and 2004.   Among the users of this plate type, were non-diplomatic embassy staff.       Note this Merc 180, seen in UK, sports an overseas AA badge, once a frequent sighting on used imports to GB.        Terry Gray archive.

Here is a typical overseas British Automobile Association radiator badge of the type created for all or most of the Commonwealth countries.

Here is a typical overseas British Automobile Association radiator badge of the type created for all or most of the Commonwealth countries.   These make a good collector’s subject.     Brumby archive

(B)(cd)_CD AD715_weeVB2013

The new dip. through the windscreen in Belgium during September 2013.      Brumby archive

(IND5)_TN22CY 0648_c_VBmo2013

Mike Oldham saw this Tamil Nadu in Cyprus during October 2013!!!

Someone important in Malaya.

United Nations in Afghanistan, but identical to other theatres of operation, too.

UN 00438  –  United Nations in Afghanistan, but identical to other theatres of UN operation, too……..     Brumby archive

here's a pretty similar UN in Sudan...

UN 334  –  ……..here’s a pretty similar UN in Sudan…

Historic corner

This Austin A35 circa 1960, hails from Northern Rhodesia.   L and 3 numbers in the GB style could just as easily come from Aden or Cyprus, or Fiji or Labuan.....

L 219  –  This Austin A30 circa 1958, hails from Livingstone, then Northern Rhodesia and now Zambia.      In the 1950s,  L and 3 numbers in this GB style could just as easily have come from Aden or Cyprus, or Fiji or Labuan!

For example:

Another Austin, an A40 model, retired to an outdoor museum in Kota Kinabual, Sabah, but sporting 1960s plates from Labuan Island.

Another Austin, an A40 model, retired to an outdoor museum in Kota Kinabulu, Sabah, but sporting 1960s plates from Labuan Island.

Four numbers this time, but three were issued in Aden Colony in the 1960s.

(ADN60-63)_L 8820_TG_resize

A Keith Marvin Aden  image from his 1960 book, 'License (sic) Plates of the World' - possibly the first volume dedicated to xeno-autonumerology!

A Keith Marvin Aden image from his 1963 *book, ‘License (sic) Plates of the World’ – possibly the first volume dedicated to xeno-autonumerology!

Ah – AND Turkish Northern Cyprus (still current)

(CYN2)(83-97)_L 312_weeVB

Keith Marvin's rare book, which brought mant worldwide collectors to each others notice, and helped to form associations.

 *Keith Marvin’s rare book, which brought many worldwide collectors to each other’s notice, which in turn,  helped to form long-standing associations.   A famed and very prolific writer on automobilia in the US, he died only about 2011, aged over 90.


Mpumalanga or not?

February 8, 2013
Dealer (trade) plate from Mpumalanga Province, ZA.

Dealer (trade) plate from Mpumalanga Province, ZA.

Here is an example of the dealer plate for the South African province of Mpumalanga, characterised by the letter ‘A’ starting the trio of registration letters, and of course the MP suffix of the province.

So when I was cruising the streets of Knysna (ZA) today, and saw a BMW parked, registered ACE 668 MP, I stopped the scooter and went back to photograph it, as MP dealer is quite unusual.(MOC)_ACE 668 MP_ VB2013_resize (MOC)_ACE 668 MP_cur_ Knysna VB2013

Well, it caught me out!     Perhaps you other members were quicker to recognise my mistake?

Who will be first to explain by commenting below?


Did you know that South Africa doesn’t issue plates with any vowels – because without vowels, no vulgar words can be formed – which saves the authorities the headache of  contemplating possible word meanings in many African and other languages.

One day, when they see how much money they can make from adding vowels, and then being able to sell stupid letter combinations to vain citizens, I expect they will change their minds!      Even Sweden succumbed to the demon vanity plate industry, a country I always assumed was too ‘straight’ to do such a thing.    Germany and France still proudly sidestep the temptation to mine this income source – bravo!

South Africa items

January 20, 2013

A fine motor museum outside Franschoek, Western Cape, reveals a few early plates which are now little seen. http://www.fmm.co.za

Orange Free State - Bloemfontein, circa 1910

OB-914, Orange Free State – Bloemfontein, circa 1910 at Franschoek.    This car is a Lorraine-Dietrich.         Brumby archive

Below:  Next, BDP 795 EC, a former series Eastern Cape plate re-registering a 1920s Ford model ‘A’, using the new EC-suffixed series, but on a plain yellow ground.    Soon replaced by the multicoloured background of the current type.    A handful of these are still to be seen in use.

BDP 795 EC interim plate design for Eastern Cape Province.    These plain plates were issued from 1996 to Oct 1998.    Brumby archive

                            Below:   NO 85 from Kwazulu-Natal (then simply Natal) coded NO to Melmoth, a small place half-way between Durban and Swaziland.NO 85 on a Natal motorcycle.     NO is from Mtonjaneni-Melmoth

NO 85 on a Natal motorcycle. NO is from Mtonjaneni-Melmoth

    Below    CC 22 FL GP –  examples of the new layout of the Gauteng (formerly Transvaal) plates, showing the square version and the long.

In 2011, starting with BB 00 AA, Gauteng had exhausted its 3-letter 3-number series.  Rear size.

In 2011, starting with BB 00 AA, Gauteng had exhausted its 3-letter 3-number series and changed to LL NN LL.  Rear size example.

(ZA)(Tv4a)_BH 26 KD  GP_cu_VB2013                                   Below:   GDF 116 G – Here is a central government series, always plain. background. Maybe 'Government Garage'.   Seen 16-1-2013, Somerset West.

Dept. of Transport national issue.    GG codes   ‘Government Garage’.    Seen 16-1-2013, Somerset West, Cape.

      and finally an archive shot from John Pemberton’s album – Natal/Durban no. 20 during the 1940s in Oxford, UK., bearing a big Royal Automobile Club oval.    (What make/model this American car?)

Unknown American car from Durban,

Unknown 1940s American car from Durban.   ND 20   Oct. 2014 – Now identified by Andre as a 1946-8 Chrysler!

Until 1981, South African Govt. departments were allocated plates from the ' Government garage'.    Here is a Ford Cortina Mk 3 estate car in Grahamstown in those days.    Brumby archive

Until 1981, South African Govt. departments were allocated plates from the ‘ Government Garage’.      Here is a Ford Cortina Mk 3 estate car in Grahamstown in those days.                 Brumby archive

DIP 123 D is of the diplomatic style of the 1970s.

DIP 123 D is of the diplomatic style of the 1970s.

Southern Africa historic

December 6, 2012

A fine collection of photos from former Nyasaland, Northern and Southern Rhodesia are to be found at this web-site link:


There are other African countries represented too, and gen on many interesting cars.   Some examples are here:

L=Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia in 1956.

L=Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia in 1956.


K 2440 is the Lusaka code in the former Northern Rhodesia which became Zambia upon independence in 1964.     Unknown car.  Pemberton archive

K 2440.   K was the Lusaka code in the former Northern Rhodesia which became Zambia upon independence in 1964. Unknown car. Pemberton archive.


RA 790.  A & RA = Belingwe & Shabani (now Mberengwa) in Zimbabwe.  Peugeot 404.

RA 790. A & RA = Belingwe & Shabani (now Mberengwa) in Southern Rhodesia-Zimbabwe.        Africa’s car – the Peugeot 404.

Morris Mini-Moke in police service, Southern Rhodesia 1960s.

G/T PW=Govt. Passenger car -Wee.     S. Rhodesia 1960.  Classiccarsinrhodesia archive


Southern Rhodesia registration 483, estimated 1905

Southern Rhodesia registration 483, estimated 1905

There is not much known of the numeric-only Rhodesian plates which the first vehicles used.    South Africa used identical plates at the time – note this Transvaal example below:

465 is a Transvaal issue 1900-1910 approx.

465 is a Transvaal issue, 1900-1910 approx.

And, from Western Australia:

Numeric-only WA 414

1900s numeric-only Western Australia’s  4140

It seems that many (Empire)  jurisdictions didn’t expect the expansion of motorcar populations, and thought a simple numeric format would suffice!

Evidence that Britain  also influenced early China plates is shown here:

China 1928, reg. 808

China 1928, reg. 808

Enjoy the Classic cars in Rhodesia website!   http://www.classiccarsinrhodesia.co.za/Makes/SWA.html

South Africa Military

December 6, 2011

ZA army towed gun 2005